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Meet Victoria 

Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Speaker

Virtual Assistant Instructor & Coach and Mom

Welcome to InBox Virtual Associates! I'm Victoria Murray, the founder and CEO of this dynamic virtual assistance agency. With a decade of experience as a virtual assistant, coupled with over two decades in the corporate world and certification as an online business manager, I've cultivated a deep understanding of the intricate operations that drive successful businesses.

Our Services

At InBox Virtual Associates, we're not just a virtual assistance agency – we're your partners in business growth and operational excellence. Our mission is to free up your valuable time and energy by managing the operational side of your business, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: expanding and nurturing your enterprise.

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Virtual Assistant



Virtual Assistant 


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Online Business 


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Online Business




Our Team - Diversity and Excellence

As a proud women-owned business, we cherish the power of diversity. Our team is a tapestry of unique talents, backgrounds, and perspectives, united by our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. We embrace our differences, knowing that the beauty of collaboration lies in the various colors each team member brings to the canvas.

A Full-Service Solution

Our team of skilled professionals, handpicked for their diverse expertise, forms the backbone of our agency. We're not just network builders or overhead eliminators; we're architects of your success and freedom creators. We firmly believe that thriving in business and enjoying a high-quality life are not conflicting goals, but harmonious aspirations that can be achieved together.

Defying the Hustle Culture

We understand the challenges that come with juggling multiple roles, and we've experienced firsthand the detrimental effects of hustle culture. That's why we're committed to reshaping the narrative. Our ethos revolves around enabling entrepreneurs to reclaim joy in their personal and professional lives. Our visionary virtual assistant hiring model prioritizes sustainability and empowers you to tap into proven remote talent, breaking free from the cycle of constant hustle.

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